True Color CNY provides tile restore, sealing, grout staining, grout repair and surface maintenance solutions for residential and commercial establishments in the greater Syracuse, and central NY area.

We are a locally owned and operated, licensed and insured company serving Syracuse, and central New York. We specialize in hard floor surfaces covered with tile, travertine, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, slate, and all natural stone. We can restore and seal your surfaces as well as repair grout.

Why, in desperation do so many people resort to bleach and acids to attempt to clean their grout and tile? Then when this method fails, attempt to scrub and scour the filth away without results?

Cleaning chemicals can dilute grime well enough but unless a more efficient method to remove it is used, this slurry only soaks into the grout deeper. One might consider the use of a wet vacuum to try to improve the removal process. However, this method still comes up way short of the desired, bacteria free, clean floor.

The only true way to accomplish this is to release the material from its anchoring place by using a chemical to emulsify the dirt, grime and bacteria, then extract it right away using a high pressure extractor and then dispose of the waste water. The power of using pressurized water is the answer. The force of the water can seek out unwanted grime that is hidden in microscopic pockets displacing the deposits and removing them along with the chemical residues and bacteria. When combined with simultaneous extraction of the water after it cleans the surface, you have a virtual one pass cleaning process.

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"Amazing transformation!
Fantastic job! I had a front foyer that had major wax build up. It was so discolored that I had no real idea what the original stone looked like. When the job was finished, the transformation was like night and day. Carl had to spend a lot more time than he anticipated to get the old wax off but he worked until the area looked great. I am so pleased with the results!"

~ Joanne

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